So what do you do when you are starting up? Who can you buy from and where should you invest? How do you avoid getting scammed by a program that promises you a gold mine for a minor investment? The answer to that is really simple… you get smart.

So here are some basics of about getting smart with internet marketing, well most of it should be common sense. Do you really think someone will make you a millionaire by you only paying them $10 a month? Do you think they will make you millions for a $500 investment? Just think about it for a little bit and be serious. If you sincerely believe that this can happen, then honestly you deserve to have someone take your money because they might at least invest them in a wise way.

To the internet marketers that are promising millions for only a few dollar investment, is that really the truth? Have you really turned people into millionaires for a few hundred dollars?

If so how long did it really take and how much money did they spend themselves? Yes you are the scammers; you are the people stealing money by over promising and under delivering. But this is what marketing is about isn´t it? It is about making people believe that they really need my product? This is very true, it is all about marketing but do marketers ever think about whom they are taking money from? Who are the people that spend the most and get the least? In the end, it is up to the person holding the money making the decision.

Of course it is going to be more tempting buying into a program that makes the notation that you can make hundreds of thousands for only a few hundred dollars than a product that says you can make thousands. The reality is, well as a consumer you are going to have to make that call. Do you really think you are getting what is being insinuated? Probably not, but you will only learn the hard way if you do not have enough sense to realize that it is called a "sales copy" not a "promise copy".